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How can I make my conservatory warm?

There are many different ways to achieve this. Most likely, you will end up doing all of them.

  1. Double glazing your windows. Windows transfer a lot of heat from inside your home to outside. Double or triple glazing your windows is a quick way to ensure that heat stays within your home. 
  2. Replacing glass conservatory roofs. While traditional conservatory roofs look beautiful they have a myriad of problems. They let out too much heat when it's cold outside. A thermally efficient warm roof can make sure your conservatory remains warm in the winter.
  3. Update your doors. Depending on the type of door you are using for your conservatory, you may be losing out. Wear and tear can accumulate meaning your once energy-efficient door are no longer good enough. Get your door inspected and if needed, repaired to keep saving on your heating bills.
  4. Convert your conservatory to a sunroom. This is a big change as it no longer is a conservatory but an extra room in your home. With both heating and cooling mechanisms, you will really feel the benefit.
  5. Having Double or Triple glazed windows. Windows are one of the main reasons Conservatories lose heat so quickly. By insulating the Windows, you will see a big difference.

How long does installation of a Thermoroof take?

Usually, a Thermoroof takes just 2 - 3 days to install. 

Day 1: We remove your old conservatory roof and lay down the supports for the new warm roof to be installed. We add the weather-proof plyboard on top of the supports soon after.

Day 2: We apply a waterproof membrane on top of the plyboard and secure it tightly. Afterwards, we use the tile of your choice and add them to the roof ensuring there are no gaps for weather tightness.

Day 3: We add insulation inside in multiple layers to ensure high energy efficiency. We secure the insulation to ensure airtightness so you won't get any drafts.

This is just a brief overview of the process. For more detailed information, get in touch with a showroom today.

Is the door secure?

All our doors come with Advanced Multi-point Locking Systems. This means that the door is locked at multiple points in the frame greatly reducing the chance of people breaking in. Our doors are designed to be Impact resistant with 70mm of steel reinforcement. 

All our doors come with a 15-year guarantee!

How can I use my conservatory all year round?

This is the question we receive a lot. There are those times of years where it's either too hot to be in the conservatory or it's too cold. This is due to the roofing of the conservatory. The windows allow the most amount of light in resulting in too much heat in the summer and loses all the heat in the freezing winter.

A warm roof conservatory is the solution to this problem. The tiled based roofing solution reduces the amount of light resulting in less heat coming in during the summer. It is thermally efficient as well, meaning that the heat stays within the winter. This allows you to use your conservatory all year round!

Is planning permission required?

Most new-build Conservatories do not need planning permission. This is a general rule of thumb and therefore is not guaranteed to be the same for you. We handle any planning permission for you so get in touch with us and let us help you.

Does putting a roof on a conservatory make it warmer?

The short answer is Yes! A thermally efficient roof will keep the heat inside your conservatory resulting in warmer temperatures inside. There are variations of a conservatory warm roof, the most popular being a replacement tiled roof.

We have our own Timber based conservatory roof which we like to call the Thermoroof! We are very proud of our Thermoroof and the results of having one installed.

Get in touch and ask about our Thermoroof.

What is the difference between a orangery and a conservatory?

There are slight differences between an Orangery and a Conservatory. Besides the rich history of the Orangery,  its design is more akin to a room extension to your home. Generally, it has a flat roof instead of a Conservatory styled pitched roof. Additionally, some Orangeries contain a brickwork base instead of the Conservatory's use of its space for windows.

With modern Orangeries and Conservatories, the differences have narrowed even more.

What is the difference between Double glazing and Triple glazing?

Double Glazing is the process of using two panes of glass within a frame while Triple Glazing is using three panes.

Between these panes of glass is a layer of Argon gas. Argon gas insulates the window resulting in a higher energy-efficiency.

With three panes of glass against two, Triple Glazing is more energy-efficient than Double Glazing.

What is PVCu?

uPVC (also known as PVCu) stands for Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This is the fancy way of saying a "Plastic based product". PVC is a popular material to be used in building and is a very flexible and superb material to be used.

When you see the "U", this means that when the plastic hasn't been softened during the creation process resulting in a much stronger material than standard PVCs.

Do you offer a free design service?

We offer a Free No Obligation design service either in-store or from the comfort of your own home.

Will there be a lot of mess?

Depending on the work, they may be some mess. Some projects are naturally messy (i.e. removing a wall for an extension) however we have rubbish collection after each day picking up the rubbish for you so you don't have to worry about any mess that is created.

Is there a guarantee?


All our products come with guarantees. Generally, these guarantees will be between 10 - 15 years. Get in touch to ask about our guarantees.

What are the advantages of a Warm Roof?

A Warm Roof is designed to stop too much sunlight from coming into your conservatory. This makes it cooler in the scorching hot summers outside. The Warm Roof is tiled as well as protecting you from the harsh weather as well as being energy efficient. In winter this makes it so that the heat stays inside, keeping the Conservatory warm and keeping your heating bills low.

Will I be able to afford it

We are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and offer a full range of flexible payment schemes. 

Speak to us to see what finance method will work best for you.

Can you change an existing order?

Yes of course! 

However, please be aware that alteration could affect the delivery date of your order and could incur costs depending on how much notice is given.

How often should I clean my windows?

There are many factors to include when thinking about keeping your windows clean. A rule of thumb is to get your windows cleaned twice a year. If you live in a more open area and are exposed to harsher elements (sea air etc) then you should clean your windows three times a year to prevent any dirt and grime causing future issues.

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