Your Conservatory Your Way

Everyone wants something different from a Conservatory. Some want a clean divider between their home and garden while others want a more open dining room while some others want a room they can use all year around. It is a good time to have a Conservatory with such huge selection available to mould the Conservatory into the room you want. 

PVCu or Timber, Windowed Roof or Tiled, Bi-Fold Doors or a Bespoke door? With this many options available to you, it can be quite a headache to find exactly what you want. That’s why Windows Plus are here to help guide you through the process of creating the Conservatory you want. We show you the benefit of each option and which would be better for you.

Just with the outside, you have just as many (if not more) choices for inside the conservatory. For example, take the lights, would you prefer normal light fixtures similar to your home or perhaps light strips were what you were after. No matter what you want, we can assist you.

Tile Styles & Colours

Metro Tile - Antique Red
Metro Tile - Burnt Umber
Metro Tile - Charcoal
Metro Tile - Ebony
Tapco - Chestnut Brick
Tapco - Pewter Grey Brick
Tapco - Plumb Brick
Tapco - Red Brick
Tapco - Stone Brick

If you would like more colours and styles, please feel free to fill out a Free No Obligation Quote or get in touch with us. We can provide more details and information about the types of colours and styles we provide for Conservatories.