Types of Conservatories

Windows Plus Roofs provide roofing solutions for all types of conservatories


The classic style of a Conservatory. Using simple shapes to maximise your available room. It’s no wonder why Edwardian Conservatories are so popular.

Gable End

Show off your homes grandeur and elegance with a Gable End Conservatory roof. Ideal for more traditional Conservatories, this Conservatory will awe all those inside.


The traditional British Conservatory. The Victorian style is one of the most common type of Conservatories. A versatile Conservatory which fits many homes.


A popular choice of Conservatory for homes where space is an issue. Simple lines for the roof ensures that each bit of space is used wisely resulting in a more modern style of Conservatory.

Edwardian Double

Double the space with an Edwardian Double Conservatory. With more length available to you, you have more options available to what it does. Make it a perfect entrance to your garden.

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Our Conservatories

All our Conservatories are bespoke to ensure that it fits your home perfectly. The smallest details are what changes a house into a home. That’s why we provide a Free No Obligation Quote to ensure all your needs are met and you truly feel at home in your Conservatory.

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