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Composite Doors

A front door is important to every home. It is a gateway that everyone must pass through to enter your home. Therefore, a front door is vital to a good (and lasting) first impression, so ensuring that your front door not only protects your home but represents you and your style should be one of your priorities.

securing your home

Strong Point’s advantages come internally. Created with an impact resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic in combination with a rigid polymer sub-frame and a high-density foam core. This leaves you with a door worthy of protecting you and your home. 

These doors are proven to the PAS 24-1 security standard as well as the Secured by Design accreditation.

following your home style

Generally, when focusing on security you must comprise the appearance. Not with Strong Point however! Strong Point doors come in many shapes and sizes so creating one for your style won’t be a problem. Ensure your door represents your home.

tough as nails

Strong Point excels not in its visual appearance and security but also withstanding the test of time. Ensure you are protected against external noises with the sound protection that comes with the Strong Point brand.

Britain is the land of unpredictable weather, from the snowy March to the scorching heat of late March (incredibly unpredictable weather), a Strong Point door is built to handle the harshness of the weather. Tough and resilient, the Strong Point door will resist; scratches, swelling and weather stripping.



A beautiful option for a front door with its gracefully arched large glazing that allows plentiful light and a full display of decorative glass.


An appealing and traditional look that lets the design of decorative glass flow through from the lower to the higher level, providing an attractive ensemble to the 6 panel door.


Reminiscent of the door styles of the 1930’s, the Charles door is available as a solid door option as well as a glazed version.


Ever popular as a front or back door option, the Ellaby provides excellent light and space for decorative glass to be displayed.


Beautifully traditional, this 3-Quarter glazed door allows light to flood in and create a wonderful feeling of space.


These Inox frames can be combined with a selection of beautiful, modern decorative glass options which complement the door style.


If you are looking for a contemporary door, the Jamelia range is for you. With stunning European flair and elegant design, this range of doors will add a touch of class to any modern home.


An very traditional and popular door style with its appealing and elegant ‘half moon’ arched top. For greater privacy, all glazing styles are available as a Margieson 1.


With its contemporary linear etched detailing, the Nicholas is a stunning door available with contemporary
glazing detail or as a solid door option.


The facing curves of the glazing detail make a truly modern statement in the Ross door.


This classic four panel door design is probably the most popular style and would grace any home, being suitable for many decorative glass designs.


Quite possibly the oldest style of door, with its traditional planked-effect that has always been popular in adding an aged feel to a property.


The inline slim glazing details on the Steadman door is inspired by the European door look. The inline slim glazing details on the Steadman door is inspired by the European door look.

Complementary Additions

Do you want additional light through your doorway? By adding a sidelight not only do you get additional light, you enhance the style of your door. Have a sidelight either or both sides of your door or perhaps you want a top light instead. How you imagine it will be the way you get it.

Door features

Strong & Reliable

While we provide a range of different types of doors, we do highly suggest a Strong Point for the best possible combination of reliability, visual styling and stability.

High Security

These doors are proven to the PAS 24-1 security standard as well as the Secured by Design accreditation.

Weather Proof

Weather proof

Scorching hot summers to sub-zero winters to torrential rains to blistering winds. Strong Point doors will stand tall and not give the weather an inch.

Door Style

A Style For Every Home

Don't negotiate on you aesthetics of your door. Have it both look good and enhance the looks of your home.

Heat Insulation

Heat Insulation

Reduce your heating bills by keeping the heat inside your home. Our doors are designed to be energy efficient.

Environmental Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

uPVC is a long lasting material and at the end of its life, is recycled to create new uPVC. This doesn't affect the newly created uPVC in any way, resulting in the same standard across all created doors.

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