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Bi-folding Doors

Aluminium bi-folding doors will transform your home

Relax in stylish open plan living areas or enjoy a stunning panoramic view from your luxury of your bedroom. Our bi-fold doors are strong, stylish, secure and warm.


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Everyone loves more natural light.

However, most doors let little to none at all through. This made patios dark and depressing.

But then came Bi-Fold doors. With their minimalist design, the Bi-Fold doors allow the outside in, flooding your room with sunlight. Combining this with the strength and security results in a perfect door for enjoying the garden.

Unlike a sliding patio door, that remains only half open, Bi-fold doors fully open to seamlessly connect your living space with your terrace, patio or garden.

These beautifully designed, versatile doors create a contemporary look for your home, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, kitchen or conservatory.

Styled to transform

Made for Trade sliding bi-fold doors will transform your home; relax in stylish open plan living areas or enjoy a stunning panoramic view from your bedroom.

The choice is yours

The modern aesthetics of a Made for Trade sliding bi-folding door will add a touch of finesse to any external aspect of your home. When closed, our bi-folds complement your home with a striking glass facade and aesthetic characteristics.

Open up your home

You will feel like you’re living the outside inside by opening entire facades in your home and making the most out of a beautiful garden. These beautifully designed, versatile doors create a contemporary look for your home, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, kitchen or conservatory.

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Door Features

All of our doors have the following features.

Strong & Reliable Door Feature
Strong & reliable

We recommend a "Strong Point" for the best possible combination of reliability, visual styling and stability.

Stylish Door Feature
A style for every home

When closed, our bi-folds complement your home with a striking glass facade and aesthetic characteristics.

High Security Door Feature
High security

The aluminium profiles are designed to give strength and durability, ensuring a structurally sound product

Heat Insulation Door Feature
Heat insulation

Reduce your heating bills by keeping the heat inside your home. Our doors are designed to be energy efficient.

Weather Proof Door Feature
Weather Proof

Strong Point doors will stand tall and not give the scorching hot summers or sub-zero winters an inch.

Environmentally Friendly Door Feature
Environmentally Friendly

uPVC is a strong, long lasting material and at the end of its life is recycled to create new uPVC.

Highly resistant to corrosion - features a durable scratch resistant finish

Polyamide thermal barrier technology helps keep your home warm in the winter, reducing energy bills and subsequently your carbon footprint. This advanced profile technology creates a thermal transmittance barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside (or vice versa), keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, whatever the weather.

To protect your home against unwanted visitors, high security multi-point locking mechanisms are fitted on opening sashes, with shootbolt locking and internally glazed sealed units for added assurance.

Open up your home - Make the most of Bi-Fold Doors

Versatility is the name of the game for Bi-Fold doors. Bi-Fold doors are vertical doors that serves the purpose of separating and merging. Keep rooms separate when the doors are closed but open the doors and the rooms merge into one grand room that naturally flows. Available from 1 through to 7 door options. No matter the size of the space, there is an option for you. 

A popular choice is to separate a Conservatory with the back garden. During those summer months, open the doors and you will feel like your outside. Each door is thermally efficient for those Winter months allowing you to use your Conservatory all year around. With various threshold options, the ability to open your doors inwards or outwards and various colour options, the Bi-Fold door is suitable for everyone.

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Servicing the North East

We love doing great work for all our happy customers around the North East. Here's a list of the types of places that we have supplied Bi-folding Doors for recently:

  • Alnwick
  • Ashington
  • Bedlington
  • Blaydon
  • Blyth
  • Chester Le Street
  • Consett
  • Corbridge
  • Cramlington
  • Darlington
  • Durham
  • Gateshead
  • Hartlepool
  • Hexham
  • Jarrow
  • Lanchester
  • Morpeth
  • Newcastle
  • North East
  • North Shields
  • North Tyneside
  • Ponteland
  • Prudhoe
  • South Shields
  • Stamfordham
  • Sunderland
  • Swalwell
  • Tyne and Wear
  • Wallsend
  • Washington
  • Whitley Bay


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How can I make my conservatory warm?

There are many different ways to achieve this. Most likely, you will end up doing all of them.

  1. Double glazing your windows. Windows transfer a lot of heat from inside your home to outside. Double or triple glazing your windows is a quick way to ensure that heat stays within your home. 
  2. Replacing glass conservatory roofs. While traditional conservatory roofs look beautiful they have a myriad of problems. They let out too much heat when it's cold outside. A thermally efficient warm roof can make sure your conservatory remains warm in the winter.
  3. Update your doors. Depending on the type of door you are using for your conservatory, you may be losing out. Wear and tear can accumulate meaning your once energy-efficient door are no longer good enough. Get your door inspected and if needed, repaired to keep saving on your heating bills.
  4. Convert your conservatory to a sunroom. This is a big change as it no longer is a conservatory but an extra room in your home. With both heating and cooling mechanisms, you will really feel the benefit.
  5. Having Double or Triple glazed windows. Windows are one of the main reasons Conservatories lose heat so quickly. By insulating the Windows, you will see a big difference.

Is the door secure?

All our doors come with Advanced Multi-point Locking Systems. This means that the door is locked at multiple points in the frame greatly reducing the chance of people breaking in. Our doors are designed to be Impact resistant with 70mm of steel reinforcement. 

All our doors come with a 15-year guarantee!

What is the difference between Double glazing and Triple glazing?

Double Glazing is the process of using two panes of glass within a frame while Triple Glazing is using three panes.

Between these panes of glass is a layer of Argon gas. Argon gas insulates the window resulting in a higher energy-efficiency.

With three panes of glass against two, Triple Glazing is more energy-efficient than Double Glazing.

What is PVCu?

uPVC (also known as PVCu) stands for Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This is the fancy way of saying a "Plastic based product". PVC is a popular material to be used in building and is a very flexible and superb material to be used.

When you see the "U", this means that when the plastic hasn't been softened during the creation process resulting in a much stronger material than standard PVCs.

Is there a guarantee?


All our products come with guarantees. Generally, these guarantees will be between 10 - 15 years. Get in touch to ask about our guarantees.

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